Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm just sayin

What I'm going to blabber about now isn't a lesson. But I'm going to discuss my opinions on two, very controversial yet widely known sayings in photography. These are:

1. You don't need to study photography to be good at it.
2. You don't have to have professional/ crazy ass expensive/ equipment to be able to produce good images.

Let's just deal with the first one. We'll deal with the second on the next blog.

I believe that there are two types of photographers: those who studied photography and the insanely-weird-guy-who-for-some-unknown-reason-takes-good-pictures-even-though-he-doesn't-know-what-iso-is-or-any-other-photography-terms-means guy/gal. Some of these people would prefer to be called talented but I think that is too douche-y. So let's just call them weirdly gifted.

Let's face it. Those weirdly gifted guys have good taste that's why their compositions are good. It's just like making out. You are a good kisser. Period. No one taught you that. You're so good, science should be studying you. But talent can only go so far. It's only limited to good compositions as humans aren't normally born with camera terms let alone camera skills in their brain. Yes. People must know how to use the camera to produce what they're imagining. Your composition might be spot on but if you don't know how to control the shutter or whatever, then your image might be blurry. You might have some crazy creative idea for a silhouette photograph but you don't even know how to create one. It's like being an awesome driver with an awesome car. Sometimes, you want to be more awesome-ly fast but you don't know where the awesome turbo button is so you push a little red button on the dashboard. That was actually your awesome windshield wiper. Fail... I hope you get my idea.

However, those who studied don't have the right to be cocky. Just because you know how to do stuff manually doesn't mean you are better than those weirdly gifted guys. Remember, photography is art. It's about self expression. You may know all the rules of composition and I'm sure your shots are good but if you focus on the theoretical side, it'll be too monotonous. Too formulaic. Too contrived. Again, let's go back to our kissing metaphor. I'm not a sexist but let's assume that you are a guy. They call you El Casanova. You're so awesome you  formulated a system for kissing. You might be a good kisser but if you just kiss your girl the same way you kiss other girls, then what if you need to kiss your sister? Kidding! What I mean is you shouldn't rely purely on the theoretical side. You should just use what you've learned as a foundation only. Use your technical know-how to make your photographs portray the feelings that you're having.

So basically, nobody wins. We're all equal. Talented people should study to help them produce what they're imagining. And those who studied shouldn't rely too much on their brain. They should rely on their emotions as well.

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